SPLIT is the only city in the world that has developed from a vacation house-the palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian who built his palace here at the end of 3rd century AD. No doubt an ideal  place for you vacation. Here are our top things to do in Split.

  • Have a coffee/caffe latte/esspreso on RIVA (seafront promenade)

    Good morning! You just woke up or stumbled out of the club after the night? In any case, it  is time for a coffee. And we do not mean a Starbucks-say my name-take my coffee- and GO…No type, no feelings, no taking coffee time. We are  talking about sitting  down, ordering  a cup of coffee, enjoying the sights, feeling the light breeze or warm sun (if you woke up  late), watching people passing by, talking to  your friend, sharing and sipping your warm  beverage (or two) for at least  an  hour. That is coffee time – Split style :)

  • Climb the tower

    Well, it is not really like BURJ KHALIFA, but it is  worth climbing 60 meters of narrow staircase to reach the bell tower of the Split cathedral . No lift I am afraid, but you will enjoy the sights of  the beautiful coastline, harbor & terracotta rooftops of the 1700 years old town. It is  Split’s TOP OF THE ROCK  for the locals.

  • Walk to VIDILICA /Marjan view point

    Another  landmark of the town. It is our “Central  Park” but on the hill, and surrounded  by the Adriatic Sea, not  buildings :) Ideal  place for romantics, proposals or  even  wedding  ceremonies. Singles are welcome also,  as it is great photo point.


    In summer we have our afternoon siesta  and rarely are we are at the beach  before 4-5pm, but then, we enjoy the benefits of  our beautiful home town  till sunset. And the most beautiful sunsets are at  OBOJENA beach, SUSTIPAN or  JADRAN  beach, whichever you  stumble  on first.

  • Play picigin at BACVICE beach

    The only sand beach in Split,  BACVICE beach  is open and live the whole year round, even in wintertime. PICIGIN is an amateur sport played in shallow water consisting of players keeping a small ball from touching the water. There is also a widely held belief that the only proper garment to wear while playing Picigin is a tight SPEEDO (Croatian “mudantine”).  Well, this one is not for the SHY :)

  • Go to the FOOTBALL MATCH

    HAJDUK  (english: HERO) local  football (soccer) club. Even if you are  not into sports,  if you have missed out on the music  festival  ULTRA then you should definitely visit local football stadium, designed in the shape of a seashell. Be warned: football is taken very seriously in Split, by many male and some female citizens.

  • Have cocktails AT GAGA bar

    Very popular  hang out spot in summer time among the locals,  known for its cocktails.  Well, they are not the best cocktails in the world but this is a great place to start  you  evening in Split.

  • Dance the night away in CENTRAL CLUB & morning in ..

    GAGA is not the only place in town,  you can have drinks, beers, cocktails in numerous small bars & pubs, just walk  around the stone paved streets of the old town. PULS, BODEGA, FABRIQUE & many more are the favorite bars of the local people and visitors.

    and something only for the youngest and bravest :) All the locals have at least once in their lifetime continued  their night out in KUKA,  club that is opened until  the last guests have had enough. After  CENTRAL,  VANILLA  or any other club in Split has closed, KUKA is still open. Except during the ULTRA festival but that is something  different.

    WARNING! –  You  need to  know where KUKA is, otherwise you will never find it,  there is no sign, just a very dodgy doors near Split rugby stadium. And where is the Split rugby stadium…? Well, that  is the story for another post about Split.

Can DESTINATION OF THE YEAR 2016 be your choice for a holiday in 2017?


    This is something  like KUBA in Castro times :) same as you need to visit Cuba now before it all changes, now is  time to  experience the old school  fish & farmers market , as you  will never see  anything like it anywhere in western world any more. Believe us, you need to do it before it get all nice,clean, modernized. Now it is messy,  smells of fresh fish, with prices written on small pieces of cardboards, very row & amazingly beautiful.

    Farmers market is full of  real Croatian farmers who produce couple of kilos of fruits and vegetables, very cartoon like happy people, often very loud in their marketing endeavours.

    Taste the fruit, smell the flowers,  all  fresh from local  area.


    Split is the hub of central Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia, with about 250,000 inhabitants. It presents one of the oldest cities in the area, traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old. Split is a typical Mediterranean town, vibrant, charming and fun. Stroll along Split’s seafront promenade, visit museums, art galleries, museums, Roman  cellars,  stone pave squares, change of the guards on Peristil at noon; the 10  things to do written  here is  just  a scratch  of the things  you can  visit &  experience in Split, Croatia.  Split serves as a jumping-off point for the exploration of the coast and islands of the beautiful Croatian Adriatic, like Hvar, Brac, Korcula &  Vis. Stay in Split and then sail with  Adriatic Sailing.

“Split is one of those cities for which every description or picture inevitably underwhelms once you see it in person” Cody McClain Brown