What does charter price include?

The price in our official price list includes seven days aboard our yacht, whose specifications are  provided upon  booking. All yachts are  equipped with autopilot, GPS & charter plotter, tridata and wind speed  indicator, electric windlass, VHF  station, heating system, 220V shore power supply and battery charger, radio and MP3 or CD player, speakers in saloon and cockpit, warm water supply in the heads and galley, dinghy and outboard engine, and bimini tent. All yachts are  equipped with a spray hood.

For detailed  specification on each yacht, please refer to www.adriatic-sailing.hr  FLEET

Are the technical support and help included?

Before confirming  a reservation for  a bareboat charter, clients are  required to send us a copy of their skipper certificate, which should also include their VHF operator’s license, as proof of their ability to operate the vessel.

At  check-in in our office skipper is given a Croatian  mobile phone that  they can be used 24/7 for technical support or in case of emergency. Our base manager, who is fluent in Croatian, English, Italian and German, is there to answer any such call. Through our well-organized network of technical  support throughout the Adriatic region, we can  solve any on-board technical  problem within hours.  We have a timeframe of 24 hours under the general charter terms to resolve the technical issue, not caused by the skipper.

We have a power boat for rapid intervention in the archipelagoes of Šibenik, Split & Makarska area.

How to decide on a yacht size?

You  have decided  to spend your  holidays on a vessel. Now you must decide on the size of the yacht  you would like to book. Here are a few questions that  will help you find your optimal size:

* who  would you like to invite to spend your holidays with on a boat?

* would you mind if some of  you have to use a berth(s) in the saloon, which is usually common living space on a boat?

* would you like an owner version of a vessel, where one cabin is a master cabin? This is perfect for couples or a family vacation.

* if you are not experienced skipper or do not have a skipper’s license or experience, you must take a skipper on board. When there is a skipper/hostess or other crew member, you must provide them with a crew cabin.

*Vessels have their size included in their  brand name. Size is given in feet; 1 foot = 30.48 centimeters. The mooring fee is assessed according  to size, the longer the yacht, the higher the fee, except for catamarans where extra charge is added for the width. So  would you like a smaller yacht? would you like to charter  a yacht or a catamaran?

We hope this questionnaire has helped you make a decision.

Will I get my money back if I cancel the booking?

After  you have confirmed a reservation  by e-mail or in person, Adriatic Sailing  issues the lease contract and a general  charter  terms contract that must be signed within 7 days. Next, you must make the advance payment in the amount of 50% of the charter price. The deadline for payment is 10 days from the day when the Lease Contract and the General  Charter  Terms contract are signed. If advance payment is not paid  within 10 days, the reservation is considered cancelled with no monetary obligations. You are, of course, welcome to book again at  any time without any consequences.

When the advance payment is paid, the reservation is completed. If  you  change your mind, but  with no objective reason (such as a death in the family) and decide to cancel the booking, advance payment is kept. If the reason is objective, then the advance payment is kept as a credit for future bookings.

The balance of the payment, or the second payment of 50%, is due four weeks before the charter  begins. If you cancel the reservation witin four weeks of the beggining of the charter with no objective reasons, Adriatic Sailing will  keep the entire payment (advance and balance payment).

Can I change booked yacht or period?

After you have confirmed the reservation by mail or in person, Adriatic Sailing issues the lease contract and general charter terms contract that must be signed within seven days. Next, you must pay the advance payment in the amount of 50% of  the charter price.

Changes for a chartered yacht or the rental period within 10 days after signing the lease contract and general  charter  terms contract is possible with no extra  fee. Changing a chartered yacht or the rental period after  the advance payment has already been made is possible only in specific situations approved by our booking  staff, Adriana or Ana.

Are outboard engine and dinghy included?

An outboard engine and dighy are included when  chartering  all our vessels, either as a bareboat or crewed charter. No extra  fee is paid  at check-in.

Outboard type: HONDA 4-stroke, 2.5 hp

Dinghy: From 2.3 to 2.7 meters long for four passengers average, appropriate to the vessel size.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Pets are welcome on our yachts. The extra fee for a pet on board is 50 EUR or 390 HRK, payable at check-in.

*subject to our approval in advance

What is included in the Comfort Package?

Comfort package is the term used for the obligatory payment for the preparation of yachts. The comfort package can  be paid with the charter price or at check-in, in our office. Preparation of a yacht includes final cleaning, bed sheets and towels, fuel in the outboard engine, gas (two aluminium super light two-kilogram bottles per yacht, snorkeling equipment (two pairs,of flippers, masks & snorkels), and all the taxes and fees , except the Croatian tourist tax.

Comfort package on our catamarans also includes beach towels.

What licence/documents do I need to skipper a Yacht?

Every year, the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transfer and Infrastructure updates the list of certificates issued by the competent authorities of other states that have concluded a bilateral memorandum of understanding with Croatia, and that are recognized for operating Croatian-flagged boats and yachts.

If you are not sure about of the validity of your certificate, please check if it is listed here.

If your license is not on the list, please contact you ministry or authority in charge of issuing certificates, and ask them to contact the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure at info@mppi.hr to start the process of skipper license recognition.

If you would like to take the exam to obtain a skipper’s license in Croatia, here are the contacts:

Information on exams for acquiring Boat Skipper licence A and B category
Phone: +385 1 6169 159, +385 1 6169 041, +385 1 6169 250
davor.cicko@pomorstvo.hr, igor.balent@pomorstvo.hr, zvjezdana.buric@pomorstvo.hr

Certification of seafarers and Information on exam for acquiring Boat Skipper licence C category
Phone: +385 1 6169 158

Can I book a professional Skipper?

If you have decided to book a professional skipper, here is some  information on what you can expect:

Most of the skippers are  fluent in English. To book  a skipper  who  speaks German, French, Italian, Spanish or  other language, you specify your request when booking.

The price for a skipper is 160 – 190 euros/day + meals, depending on the size of the yacht. You will be responsible for providing the skipper’s daily meals: breakfast, lunch and diner.

If you are interested to book a skipper, please note that  you need to count one cabin extra for the skipper. We also have in our fleet  yachts that already have skipper cabin.

The skipper is responsible for the yacht  and for your safety. She/he will do everything  to satisfy your holiday plans  without causing any harm to you or the boat by monitoring the current weather conditions. Upon boarding  your yacht, the skipper will sit with you to acquaint you with the yacht, equipment, the safety protocols and your destinations.

Together you will confirm the itinerary and off you go! The beauty of spending your holiday aboard one of our yachts is that no itinerary is fixed, you can  change your itinerary, or spend each night in a different port, bay or island. A yacht charter is a true freedom!

Can I book a Chef or a Hostess?

You have a skipper’s licence and you would like to book a bareboat charter. However, you and your crew would like a bit of extra help aboard. Why not make your holiday even more carefree:

Book a hostess/deck help  for 125 EUR/DAY + meals. She/he will help you and your crew to maintain the boat,  keep the cabins nice and tidy, help you with mooring at marinas, do the provisioning, and prepare  a delicious breakfast or light lunch or dinner.

Book  a chef aboard for 160 EUR/DAY + meals. If you would like to experience a  Mediterranean way of life aboard your yacht through your taste buds, book a chef to cook delicious meals on board.

Meals means that  you  will  cover their daily meals: breakfast, lunch and diner.

What is the average temperature of the Adriatic sea?

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (36 degrees or more).

Sea surface temperature is measured by a network of sensors located at the coast and the islands. Measurements are performed by non-professional observers (and  by professional observers at the main meteorological stations) according to MHS Marine Meteorological Department guidelines. Observation logs are forwarded by mail at the end of each month. Data is entered into the computer, checked and stored. At certain locations a sea temperature sensor has been added to automatic meteorological stations. It continually measures sea temperature. The average sea temperature  from June to late  September is 22 – 26 °C / 72-80 °F.

You can  check  current measurements at www.meteo.hr/en Sea Temperatures

What are the average prices for berths in marinas in Croatia?

In Croatia there are approximately 40 marinas, 21 of which are members of the Adriatic Croatia International Club

At present, the daily rate to berth a 10-meter yacht can vary between 21 and 41 EUR. A mooring must be vacated by 2 p.m., or another day’s fee will be charged. Most marinas update their price list near the end of January.

Please check the current prices at www.aci-club.hr for most Croatian marinas, or for private marinas, please check their web sites.

Can we sail to Italy?

* This option is possible to be contracted only upon timely placed request when booking.

What is Croatian tourist tax?

The Croatian tourist tax is official  tax that must be paid by each visitor on holiday in Croatia. It is a one time payment of 8 kunas/person/day (approximately 1.15 EUR/person/day) made in advance of embarkation (usually at check-in).

Children under 12 years of age and disable persons are exempt from the tourist tax.

What is weather like in Croatia?

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (38 degrees or more). June and September are best months if you prefer to avoid excessive heat, and on the Dalmatian Coast May and October as well. More on the weather in Croatia can be found at www.meteo.hr and weather forecast for the Adriatic.

Croatian winds can be characterized as being light to moderate from September to June with occasional storms, while July and August are generally calm with more frequent storms. During periods of high pressure, the Adriatic displays the classic rhythms of winds from the sea during the day and winds from land during the night.

The bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko) are the most characteristic winds of the Adriatic and are largely responsible for weather patterns. They mainly blow from October to April. The maestral, blowing from the sea, and the burin, blowing from the mainland, are most common in the summer months.

Every morning we send weather report issued by the marine meteorological center in Split via text message to the yacht. Weather reports are broadcast several times a day on the yacht’s  VHF station.

Croatian winds


Weather reports are broadcast on these channels at the following times (UTC):

Rijeka Radio VHF (channel 24):
0535, 1435, 1935

Split Radio VHF (channels 07, 21, 23, 28):
0545, 1245, 1945

Dubrovnik Radio VHF (channels 04, 07):
0625, 1320, 2120

Can we sail to Montenegro?

If you feel  like the  Adriatic coast  is not enough for you  and your crew to  enjoy and you  would like to visit more, you can make a request  to  sail  to Montenegro upon booking since we will need to provide you  with  extra boat documents.

The fee for  a permit for international waters is:

275 EUR for up to a two -weeks charter

350 EUR for up to a three-weeks charter

425 EUR for a charter of up to four weeks or more

Can we sail one way to/from Split or Dubrovnik?

If you would like to start in one port and finish in another, we have the solution for you. You can  choose from two starting or  ending ports: Marina Kaštela /Split, and ACI Marina Miho Pracat/Dubrovnik. The extra fees  for one ways are:

380 EUR or 2,960 HRK for yachts smaller that  40ft

480 EUR or 3,744 HRK for 40 – 60 foot  yachts

580 EUR or 4,520 HRK for up to 48-foot catamarans

800 EUR or 6,240 HRK for catamarans longer than 48 feet

For offers, please contact our booking office at charter@adriatic-sailing.hr

If  you would like to do one way, do not want to pay a one-way fee, and you have flexibility in your holiday schedule, please check out our NEWS, where every day we publish new one way offers!

Can we get the Deposit Insurance ( Damage waiver) ?

If you are not participating in any regattas or flotillas at check-in you can contract the deposit insurance in our  office prior  to  embarkation.

The cost of the deposit insurance depends on the  size of  vessel,  from 175  EUR up o 250 EUR. The deposit  insurance fee consists  of a non refundable amount, payable only by credit card and refundable deposit  amounting to 100 EUR or 750 HRK. The non-refundable payment is made on-line with the owner of the credit card present. It does not have to be paid  by a credit  card owned by the skipper.

The refundable amount 100 EUR or 750 HRK is  refunded when the client returns the vessel  undamaged. If there are any damages, the 100 EUR or 750 HRK is kept.

Deposit insurance does not cover the damages to or loss of the dinghy and outboard motor. Damage or loss of these two items is covered in the entire amount that can reach up to 100 EUR each. Loss of any of this two items will be charged in full amount.

For a more detailed offer of the deposit insurance, make sure to say that you would like deposit insurance when booking of the yacht.

What is APA when booking Lagoon 620 and Lagoon 560 S2?

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA): a fund board serving to cover the costs of yacht preparation, Croatian tourist tax (8 HRK per person/day or about 1.15 EUR per person/day), requested supplies; port, mooring and other legal charges and fees, diesel and fuel, communications, crew gratuities, extras, and depending on the guest, specific request for services, itinerary, food, beverages etc. The captain will keep an accurate record of spending and at the end of the charter guest will be refunded, or asked to pay the difference if additional operating costs are incurred.

APA on Lagoon 620 is 7,000 EUR & on Lagoon 560 S2 is 5,000 EUR

Check in/out with bareboat charter?

Detailed explanation of the check in/out  procedure you can  find at:


Check in/out procedure with crewed charter?

When boarding our crewed catamarans Lagoon 620, Lagoon 560, Lagoon 560 S2 or other vessel booked as crewed charter, it is very important to send us your estimated time of arrival at the base.

The contract states that embarkation time starts from 5 p.m., and disembarkation is until  9 a.m. at latest, however we at  Adriatic Sailing always strive to prepare  our yacht and crew prior to the scheduled time, and try to  adjust  to  the client’s arrival time.

What is the preference sheet?

The crews  aboard  our Lagoon 560  Arctic Queen and Lagoon 560S2 Princess Seline are educated and highly experienced professionals. To make the transition to  new client easier for the client and the crew, it is important for you to take time and fill out  our preference sheet. We will gain valuable information about you interest, diet, habits and holiday expectiations.

A blank preference sheet will  be sent to  you a few weeks prior  to your embarkation.

What does charter price for Lagoon 620, Lagoon 560 and Lagoon 560 S2 include?

The prices for renting Lagoon 560 Arctic  Queen and Lagoon 560 S2 Princess Seline include:

  • Yacht and the service of the crew (skipper & hostess/deck hand)
  • Insurance for the yacht and the passengers (civil liability)
  • use of on board water sports equipment/toys aboard: fishing gear, towing ring, rib with 40/50 hp motor, sea scuba scooter, snorkeling gear, water-skies (pair for  grown ups, and pair for  kidds , water tube)
  • Bedding, towels & beach towels
  • Wifi
  • Preparation of breakfast and lunch OR dinner

Do we get bed linen & towels?

Yes, when booking our yacht with the Comfort Package (preparation of the yacht) you get bed linen and two towels per person. When  chartering for two or more weeks, you get double sets of bed linen and towels, if requested, free of  charge.

Where is Marina Kastela located?

Adriatic Sailing Base is situated in Marina Kaštela, 20 km north of the center of Split, and 7 km south from the Split airport. The airport is served by many international airlines. Within minutes of leaving the airport, you are in the middle of the Adriatic coast, boarding the yacht of your choice.

If  you are arriving  by car,  please use  highway A1, called  DALMATINA, which will lead you to us. There are two exits from the highway: PRGOMET  or DUGOPOLJE and from there You need 20 minutes, or approximately 20 km to our Base in Marina Kastela.

ADDRESS FOR YOUR GPS DEVICE: 43°32’07” N   16°24’04” E




Cesta Franje Tuđmana 213

Check-in officially begins from 5 p.m. Adriatic Sailing staff will wait for you until sunset. If your arrival is later than that you will find the boat open, keys on the chart table, and check-in will be on the following morning from 9 a.m.

What you need to know about Croatia?

General information

We are located in the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Croatia became a member of the European Unionin in 2013. It is a country of 1,185 islands, islets and reefs, mostly uninhabited and preserved, perfect for sailing holidays. Some of the best-known resort towns along the Dalmatian coast are Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Poreč and Trogir. All of them are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Over the past few years, Croatia has become more interesting to tourists and sailors worldwide, mostly due to more than 1000 islands and islets which make this area an ideal sailing destination with all its cultural and natural diversity – UNESCO-protected sites such as Dubrovnik, Trogir or Split, the Renaissance architecture of Hvar or Korcula, typical unspoiled Dalmatian villages on islands Vis or Brac, natural park on Mljet island…these sites make only few highlights on your sailing itinerary.

Ideal position on the east coast of the Adriatic makes Croatia a country easy to reach by boat, plane, train or car (within driving distance from most European countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany or France). Come and sail with us!


The official currency in Croatia is the kuna [HRK]**.

Foreign currencies can be exchanged in exchange offices, banks, post offices, most marinas, tourist agencies and hotels.
Check for the official exchange rate: www.hnb.hr

All major credit cards (VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Diners) are accepted in shops and most restaurants.

** Story of KUNA (English: Marten) :  In early times, marten skin were used as unit of trade. In 1256, marten was shown for the first time on a Croatian coin.


The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes disturbed by thundery rain showers. During  July and August, it can be very hot (up to 38 degrees C). June and September are best months for sailing if you prefer to avoid excessive heat, and also in May and October on the Dalmatian Coast. Additional information on the weather in Croatia can be found at www.meteo.hr and weather forecast for the Adriatic.

Croatian winds can be characterized as being light to moderate from September to June, while July and August are generally calm. During periods of high pressure, the Adriatic displays the classic rhythms of winds from the sea during the day and breeze from land at night.


The bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko) are the most characteristic winds of the Adriatic and are primarily responsible for weather patterns. They mainly blow from October to April. The maestral, blowing from the sea, and the burin, blowing from the mainland, are most common in the summer months.

Every morning we will send you a weather report issued by the Marine meteorological center Split via text message to the yacht’s mobile phone. Weather reports are broadcast several times a day  in English language and can be received on yacht’s VFH station.

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