days to SUMMER 2017, but who is counting right :) ?

My baby boy is now three years old, not a baby any more. When he was a baby, he did not want to be anywhere near the water, beach family time was a struggle. Not any more. In summer 2016 Vigo turned 3 and we decided to try boat time again. HE LOVED IT! He was natural on board. We were on a small  motor boat, and imagine how nervous I was that he will get hurt. Vigo had so much fun & we all had the best summer day ever!

Yachting is an excellent choice for summer holidays when vacationing with children. Have You ever considered sailing with children?

It is hard being a parent, and it is no child’s play to organise family holidays with children. All things one needs to bring to keep their toddlers amused & happy; medications, beach shoes, high SPF sunscreens, toys…and once you have unpacked,your toddlers start to whine & complain they do not like the spot on the beach, would like to go on the other side because there are more  friends there…Imagine unpacking in your dream summer destination once, and having all the things with You on the boat, and sea/beach just a step away :) You move whenever You want & simultaneously ALL THINGS move with You.


This is why kids would love spending their summer holidays aboard:

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Boat is an excellent place for role paying, whether it is playing pirates, fisherman or captains.


Children like to keep active & swimming is the sport that involves using arms and legs to move the body through water. Not to mention the benefits of vitamin D from the almighty sun.


Adriatic Sea offers children chance to learn about the nature.


Children make friends fast on the boat.


You do not need I PAD on the boat, children will discover new world.


Family time, bonding with family in a COOL way 😉

Kids just wanna have fun. With you.

A sailor’s joy are as simple as a child’s. Sail out to sea with children and do new things together.

And now what not to forget when sailing with children: medications like allergy meds,  seasickness pills (although rarely kids get seasick), band-aid for small cuts or bruises, high fever meds, favourite toy or blanket, for babies set of bottles & pacifiers, sunscreen, favourite swim aid. Swim vests for children we can provide in the base before check in. When renting a bare boat we can also set the safety net around the whole deck and offer portable cribs. For teenagers there are set of snorkelling gear aboard, but also possibility to rent stand up paddle boards & two-seat kayaks. There are two ways of travelling, according to Robert Benchley, first class & with children, so if you are with children  MAKE THE BEST  OF IT!

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