Adriatic Sailing – Team Building 2018

After a long season behind us it was a perfect time for some team building. We headed up to Terme Čatež in Slovenia, one of the most famous resorts in the region. We took all we need (MacBook included) and with two vans the journey has started.

1st photo: Trogir, 2nd photo: on the way to Slovenia, 3rd photo: some jokes in van during the trip :), 4th photo: Terme Čatež

After we settled in the Hotel and had a dinner it was a time for some action. Bowling was scheduled in the late hours and we tried really hard to kick some cones 🙂

on the photos: Bowling time

And yes, muscles DO hurt after a bowling. We took a long desired rest late in the night. The next day we had a buffet breakfast and some free time for relaxed activities; some of us went for a bike-rent, some of us did a walking tours and some of us simply stayed relaxing in the hotel 🙂 Afterwards we had a scheduled massages to relieve the stress and went to a large indoor swimming pool.

1st photo: time for some activities, 2nd & 3rd & 4th & 5th photo: we visited stables nearby, 6th & 7th photo: relax time, 8th photo: indoor swimming pool

After a swimming pool activities it was a time for some dinner. To be honest, we were quite hungry after swimming 🙂 We gathered up and this evening ended up having an extreme fun on badminton and table tennis tournaments. We spiced everything with some shots and the talents, undoubtedly already deeply rooted within us, began to appear 🙂

Another buffet breakfast and check-out from the Hotel. On our way back we visited Samobor, small city in Croatia, on our way back to Zagreb. After a coffee time and some small walking tour we started our (long) journey back. We only took one stop in the town of Gospić for a lunch. Amazing local dishes was right what we needed.

1st photo: Samobor, 2nd photo: Samobor, 3rd photo: coffee time, 4th photo: AS team, 5th photo: amazing sunset

ADRIATIC SAILING team: Julijo, Mario, Dražen, Igor, Zlatko, Anton, Klement, Domagoj, Igor, Jadran, Željana, Julija, Nives, Jasmina and Tamara. Katarina, Ana, Ivan and Josip missing on the photo 🙁