Irrespective of its  manufacturer, model, length etc., every yacht should be properly maintained. Service & maintenance are the most important continuous tasks for ensuring the yachts are in good condition & shape and ready for the forthcoming season. Possessing all the necessary facilities and equipment to refit and repair the yachts is equally important as having the right staff that knows how to use it.

And here is a sneak peek into how Adriatic Sailing Team takes care of the yachts in the winter period.

Diano, Julio, Mate,  Pave, Marija, Zdenka & their leader Pavle are people behind the scenes for this responsible task.

In the winter time, there is more than meets the eye.

There is no doubt that every sailor knows how busy it tends to be during the summer season, either in the charter bases or on the sea. You finally embark on your rented yacht. After you double check that the yacht is ready in technical terms, properly equipped, and of course cleaned, off you go, you vacation can begin. But do you wonder what is going on in the same base over the winter?

Our tasks are very diverse and range from anti-fouling, polishing, boat cleaning to engine servicing (replacing propellers, service of sail drive and rudder etc.), navigation electronics, repairing & renewing deck equipment, fresh water and bilge systems, batteries and switch panels, and much more:

  • Yacht Engine Services

    Maintenance and repair of marine engines, sail drive & direct drive systems.Installation of power generator & AC system.

  • Yacht Antifouling

    Taking the yacht on dry dock,washing and sanding the hull. Application of fresh coat & polishing it up!

  • Yacht Deck Equipment

    Maintenances & installation of all deck elements & equipment: winches, cranes, sliding doors, etc. Service of windless & thruster engines.

  • Yacht Navigation Systems

    Control and repair of existing navigational and communication equipment. Installation of new navigation and communication equipment for any systems.

  • Sails & Sail equipment

    Wash, control & repair of sails & sail equipment. Check and repair of halyard pulleys & blocks.

  • Boat Interior Woodwork

    Control, repair, rebuilding & improving the wood interior sections. Sending & varnishing.

While very diverse, these tasks have the same outcome which is complete care of each yacht for your stress-free sailing.

With Adriatic Sailing every single detail is well taken care of. Picture says a thousand words, so have a look into our gallery 🙂

Our service does not stop when you sail out to sea, because we provide 24 hours support at the sea in case of any problems. Do not worry, we still manage to get some sleep 🙂

We do not let technical problems spoil your stay on board. We are aware that maintenance costs are surely lower than repair costs. With regular maintenance your yacht is always in top condition and ready to sail!