Joy, regatta, networking and more

photo copyright: Oleotto Nicola

Adriatic Sailing Participates in the Annual CNB Meeting in Sardinia

Delighted to share that Adriatic Sailing was invited to the prestigious annual CNB meeting, a gathering exclusively for yacht owners, factory producers and dealers. This remarkable event took place amidst the turquoise waters of Sardinia, providing a stunning backdrop for a series of exciting activities and networking opportunities.

A Dynamic Regattas

One of the highlights of the event were a friendly regattas, featuring 20 CNB sailing yachts. The competition was intense, the winds were perfect, and the camaraderie was unparalleled as we sailed through the blue waters of Sardinia. The regattas showcased the skill and passion of CNB yacht enthusiasts, and we were glad that Adriatic Sailing participated.

Adriatic Sailing Fleet

Did you know? Adriatic Sailing has two CNB sailing yachts in our fleet: AENEA and BUBBLES. These luxurious yachts are the epitome of elegance and performance, offering unforgettable experiences on the Adriatic Sea. For more information about these yachts, visit our website at Adriatic Sailing.

Valuable Networking

The annual CNB meeting is not just about sailing; it’s about building connections and forging lasting relationships. Throughout the event, we had the pleasure of meeting fellow yacht owners and dealers, sharing experiences, and discussing the future of yachting. The networking sessions were invaluable, providing us with fresh insights and new opportunities to enhance our services.

Dancing the Night Away

No celebration is complete without music and dancing. A talented DJ set the mood, and guests danced the night away under the stars. The lively atmosphere and joyous energy capped off an incredible event in the best way possible. Attendees enjoyed a sumptuous feast, surrounded by the beautiful Sardinian scenery. The evening was filled with laughter, storytelling, and a shared passion for sailing, making it a memorable night.

At Adriatic Sailing, we are grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in such a event. We returned from Sardinia inspired and energized, ready to continue providing exceptional yachting experiences to our clients.