Another GREEN activity

Cleaning Sailing Race 2022

What a wonderful experience. Yesterday was just perfect. Sunny rays brought warmth to our faces, no clouds on the horizon, a light breeze was powerful enough to boost our Genoas but more than that – more than 10 of us from Adriatic Sailing’s team participated in “CLEANING SAILING RACE”, an ecological action of cleaning the seabed and beaches, held by the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development “SUNCE” and L’Oreal Adria on the island of Šolta. Our company hosted the event with 10 sailing yachts and catamarans, for more than 130 participants in total, including the divers as well. We were divided into teams, and the teams were directed to 4 beaches that urged cleaning: Šešula, Šipova, Stinjiva and Krušica, popular destinations for both charterers and locals.
Truth to be told, we were kind of sad seeing the beaches once we arrived: a diversity of rubbish brought to the shores, partly from the currents and partly as a human factor or neglection. But that didn’t discourage us; we were more motivated as never before, and the result is more than obvious.
Once the ecological action was done, we sailed to Maslinica on the island of Šolta, where the lunch was served by “Martinis Marchi” castle in front of marina. A sun slowly fading down the horizon was a reason more to sail back and to prepare for another day in the office 🙂

We would like to thank to every single participant and to all our hosts: udruga “Sunce”, L’Oreal Adria, Müller, Biotherm, Vodan Yachting, Martinis Marchi, PIK Mornar.
The photos below carry a simple yet strong message: have in mind to sail GREEN, and think about the nature surrounding you. Clean the beaches. Even the minor piece of plastic disposed matters!