Benefits of crewed charter

Chartering a catamaran or a yacht with crew is the utmost luxury in sailing. Here we will set out some facts about the benefits of crewed charter, and why you should consider sailing this summer more than ever before…

Five Star Service *****

More than 1000 islands are waiting to be discovered here in Croatia. Join us this summer.

When chartering a yacht or a catamaran with crew, your charter holiday starts even before your first step onboard. We are talking about the check-in and check-out procedures; paperwork in the office is skipped, so the hassle is eliminated and you are free to go to meet your crew right in front of your vessel. Five star service is guaranteed as the crew is permanent, well trained, professional and experienced. Your Captain knows the drill and will find the most secluded beaches, quietest anchorages, while the Chef will prepare all your meals according to your preferences and the Stewardess will take care of the cleanliness and related errands. Step onboard, take your shoes off and enjoy a welcome drink 🙂

Privacy x Safety

Your vessel turns into real “private floating hotel” and it is time to start your vacation at a safe distance from shore and hordes of people. Discuss with your Captain and customize your itinerary so you can avoid much-traveled spots (“hot spots”) and indulge yourself into safe & hygenic environment. This summer could be a perfect time for a healthy and unique getaway: the only other guests onboard are the friends or the family you invite to join on your trip, and everyone has their own en-suite stateroom providing ample space and privacy for all.

Freedom x Fun

The word “boring” doesn’t exists during your charter holiday. A plenty of watertoys at your disposal can enrich your day. Why not enjoy a sunbath with a good book while the kids or your beloved ones are having fun on a StandUp Paddle boards or do some snorkelling? Reward yourself with a favorite cocktail in the sunset, accept the challenge on some on board game, or simply enjoy in the pure beauty of the nature. Tomorrow is a new day so get ready for a new destination and discover how Croatia is truly amazing. More than thousand islands in our beautiful country are waiting to be discovered…

Unique features x amenities

Imagine waking up to a scenery like this one

These yachts are self-sustaining; they can produce their own water, carry month’s worth of supplies so there is no need for a multiple grocery shopping as everything is taken care of before guests even step onboard. Furthermore, they all have air conditioners, power generators, tv sets, tenders, watertoys, WI-Fi devices and much more

A Chef on board

Sit back, relax and wait until it’s perfectly served. Our Chefs surely know how to satisfy your appetite.

Five star service

Your yacht is your ‘private floating hotel’ with 5 star service.

Safe, hygienic & unique environment

You are able to enjoy your vacation at a safe distance from shore and hordes of people, with your family or friends only.

New destinations every day

More than 1000 islands are waiting to be discovered here in Croatia and you have a chance to explore them as never before.

Crew on board

Having a Crew onboard ensures you a carefree holiday. The crew manages everything on board as you can enjoy your private experience on the Adriatic.

Likewise, it is good to know that:

    • Before the arrival of guests, the yacht is thoroughly cleaned. All interior and exterior surfaces with which guests come into contact are coated with disinfectants containing 70% or more alcohol
    • Bed linen and towels are heated to very high water temperatures, appropriate to ensure extreme cleanliness
    • Stewardess disinfects the cabin and the interior of the vessel once a day and changes the bed linen additionally throughout the week
    • The food that the crew purchase in advance is thoroughly washed and handled properly before storing on board
    • At the entrance of the vessel, it is obligatory to take off shoes
    • Disinfectants will be available for each guest during the entire duration of the charter

Sail with us this summer