Have you ever wondered how catamarans get delivered from the shipyard to their home port? Well, they are not transported by road on custom vehicles with air suspended trailer like monohul yachts, but by sea. Here is the ending to our  short story about our 2017 boat delivery – delivering our “Fantastic Four”!

To make sure the yacht arrives safely at its new destination, it is crucial to prepare all necessary documents , safety equipment, communicate with the shipyard and skipper who is in charge for  delivering the yacht. The delivery crew sails 24 hours a day with only brief stops as necessary for fuel, provisions or to avoid severe weather conditions. Delivery from the Lagoon yard to  Split Croatia takes ideally 20 days on the sea.

Last and the most valuable delivery of 2017 was  Lagoon 620 OPAL. Delivery transfer was lead by captain Boris Vrhovac, who will remain as captain for the charter season 2017. Boris really took Lagoon 620 for  a test drive before first clients experienced the luxury vacation aboard this beauty. He was not alone, of course. Two more persons joined him for this adventure; experienced seaman captains Marko Zurunic & Nino Viskovic. Despite the rough weather, Lagoon 620 proved to be very stable & easy to navigate.

ALMOST READY FOR BOAT DELIVERY: Lagoon 620 OPAL was launched in Bordeaux, France

WEATHER WAS CHALLENGING AT TIMES, but nothing unexpected for an experienced crew

They arrived safely in Marina Kastela on March 13, 2017. There is still much to be done to get Lagoon 620 ready for her fist charter in May, 2017 but we are all so happy & proud to have such a powerful yacht in our fleet.

Ienjoyed sailing OPAL to Split because I got to know the boat on the way. I tested her limits and have to say i was very satisfied with OPAL performance. She provided a great level of comfort & at the same time sailed nicely reaching respectable speeds. I am looking forward to summer aboard this great vessel! 

Captain Boris Vrhovac

Remaining available weeks during the season 2017 from/to SPLIT, Marina Kaštela, Croatia are:

  • LAGOON 620 “OPAL”:  May  20-27,2017
  • LAGOON 620 “OPAL”:  September 2-9,2017

To make the most of your holiday,  sail one way from Dubrovnik to Split (with NO CHARGE for delivery fees!):

  • LAGOON 620 “OPAL”: September 30 – October 7, 2017

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