Have you ever wondered how catamarans get delivered from the shipyard to their home port? Well, they are not transported by road on custom vehicles with air suspended trailer like monohul yachts, but by sea. Here is the short story about our boat delivery – delivering our “Fantastic Four”!

To make sure the yacht arrives safely at its new destination, it is crucial to prepare all necessary documents , safety equipment, communicate with the shipyard and skipper who is in charge for  delivering the yacht. The delivery crew sails 24 hours a day with only brief stops as necessary for fuel, provisions or to avoid severe weather conditions. Delivery from the Lagoon yard to  Split Croatia takes ideally 20 days on the sea.

The month of February 2017 is time for our 4 new catamarans (Fantastic Four) to get delivered to our base in Marina Kaštela, Croatia. Our skippers are on their way to bring our four beauties from France, ports of  Les Sables-d’Olonne & Bordeaux to the home port in Croatia, Marina Kaštela: Lagoon 620 “OPAL”, Lagoon 450F “ARCTIC PRINCE” , Lagoon 42 “MEERKAT” and Lagoon 42 “BESO DEL VIENTO” . It is so hard to be patient  🙂 – we are thrilled to see them lined up next to our other boats!

BESO  DEL VIENTO just before leaving Les Sables-d’Olonne

ALMOST READY FOR BOAT DELIVERY: Final touches done in Bordeaux on our new LAGOON 620 OPAL

LAGOON 450f ARCTIC PRINCE sailing the Atlantic coast of Portugal

LAGOON 450f ARCTIC PRINCE was the first one to arrive in Marina Kastela, Split, Croatia after only 18 days of sailing! Captains Mario & Tomo experienced a lot, like Sahara rain & rough sea,  but they kept the spirits high  and arrived  safe &  sound home!  GREAT JOB!

LAGOON 42 BESO DEL VIENTO & LAGOON 42 MEERKAT  fallowed! Captains Zorislav & Neven really tested  this new Lagoon model &  they  did not have anything to  complain  about. We hope we  can report on more of these boat  deliveries  also in 2018!  Big thank you to all who took part in this process!

Still to come is Lagoon 62 OPAL, OCEANIS 41.1 WHITE BIRD  & Oceanis 48 ROSALIA and we are ready to start summer 2017!

Of course, they are already open for bookings and still remaining available weeks during the season 2017 from/to SPLIT, Marina Kaštela, Croatia are:

  • LAGOON 620 “OPAL”:  Aug 12 – 19 & from Aug 26
  • LAGOON 450F “ARCTIC PRINCE”: May 20 – 30 & from Sep 30
  • LAGOON 42 “MEERKAT”: till May 27 & Jun 17-24 & Jul 8 – 15 & Aug 5-12 & Sep 9-16 & from Oct 7
  • LAGOON 42 “BESO DEL VIENTO”: til Jun 3 & Jun 17- 24 ˛Jul 8-15 & Aug 12- 19 & Sep 2-9 & Sep 16- Oct 7

To make the most of your holiday,  sail one way from/to Dubrovnik (with NO CHARGE for delivery fees!):

  • LAGOON 620 “OPAL”: July 15 -22; from Split to Dubrovnik
  • LAGOON 450F “ARCTIC PRINCE”: Sept 30 from Dubrovnik to  Split
  • LAGOON 42 “BESO DEL VIENTO”: Jul 29- Aug 5 from Dubrovnik to Split
  • LAGOON 42 “BESO DEL VIENTO”: Sep 16 – 23 from Dubrovnik to Split

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