Booking Manager Summit has ended – what did we learn?

First Ever Charter Conference organised by the Booking Manager, which was held in Zagreb from 18-19 Nov 2019, has ended. We witnessed a great project with a various topics covering the yacht charter industy. Problems, challenges and solutions for the upcoming season, as well as new trends and charter standards. A global experts gave their best in order to share their knowledge and to develop new strategies for both agencies and booking agents.

Adriatic Sailing attended the Summit – Why is that important to YOU?

Adriatic Sailing team constantly grows, in every aspect of the industy, whether we talk about work at base or office work. This is why we took the opportunity to attend the Booking Manager Summit 2019 and to strenghten our knowledge and share experiences. After all, we at Adriatic Sailing want YOU to have the best charter experience possible and even a tiny step forward that leads towards that achievement brings smiles on our faces 🙂

We definitely look forward to another conference! A big shotout to our friends and partners!

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