Croatia is the sixth in the world on the arrival of superyachts

According to Bloomerg analytics, Croatia has reached 6th place in superyacht arrivals this year. First place takes Italy with 203 arrivals, second place goes to France with 193 arrivals, USA with 142 arrivals, Greece with 134 and fifth place goes to Spain with 92 arrivals.

With 28 superyacht arrivals in June, and at least 55 in July, Croatia rises up to the very top of the scene. Perhaps the reason to that lies up in the Game of Thrones series, which made Split and Dubrovnik even more popular for a superyacht anchorages and berths. This is definitely a good sign for both Croatia and it’s nautical industry, showing that infrastructure and entire conditions for superyacht berthing and anchorage are met. Although there are things to improve this is surely a step forward.

Dubrovnik, lately known as King’s Landing from the famous Game of Thrones series.

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Source: Bokanews

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