Diving experience in Croatia

Image by skeeze

Diving experience in Croatia with Adriatic Sailing

Are you ready to ‘jump’ into another adventure? This summer you could expand your charter experiences and dive into Adriatic Sea. Sailing on our Lagoon 77 “ADRIATIC DRAGON”, Lagoon 620 “OPAL” & Lagoon 560 “PRINCESS SELINE” will provide you with that opportunity as they have diving compressor in their equipment. This is meant for experienced divers and the ones that possess a licence. In case you don’t have a licence yet, we can arrange a private instructor via diving school at some of the island, as they will teach you all the techniques for a proper dive.

Likewise, you can get a diving licence after the course. So, why not to dive into crystal clear sea and spice up your sailing holidays with a bit of underwater action?

Diving compressor as a part of catamaran equipment on: Lagoon 77 “ADRIATIC DRAGON”, Lagoon 620 “OPAL” and Lagoon 560 “PRINCESS SELINE”

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