Euro 2024 on a yacht

football + sailing

Air Cinema on our Bali 5.4 “NAMASTE OF BALI”

Different experience

Are you seeking the perfect getaway to enjoy Euro 2024 while experiencing the ultimate vacation on a boat? This post is for you! Imagine cruising the stunning Adriatic Sea, exploring beautiful islands, and anchoring in picturesque bays—all while catching every thrilling moment of the Euro 2024 football matches.

We also like to watch football, especially when it’s Euro 2024 in Germany. Families and groups of friends alike will find no better way to combine the excitement of football with the serenity and adventure of a yachting vacation. Our bareboat yachts provide the freedom to chart your own course, while our spacious catamarans ensure a comfortable and luxurious journey.

Picture this: lounging on the deck of your private yacht, the sea breeze in your hair, and the excitement of Euro 2024 on the screen. Anchor in a secluded bay, dive into crystal-clear waters, and then gather with your loved ones to cheer on your favorite teams. With Adriatic Sailing, every day brings a new destination and a new adventure, making it the ideal backdrop for the unforgettable summer of Euro 2024.

TV and livestream of Euro 2024! Sounds fun! Lagoon 52 F “EMERALD GEMINI”

Comfortable interior on our Azimut 55 “BE HAPPY”

Luxury Crewed Yachts

Enjoy the ‘football’ views while sailing in Croatia, choose the boat that suits you the most:

Lagoon 77 “Adriatic Dragon”
Lagoon 620 “Adriatic Lion”
Lagoon 620 “Adriatic Tiger”
Lagoon 620 “Opal”
CNB 76 “Aenea”
CNB 76 “Bubbles”
Lagoon 560 “Topaz”
Lagoon 55 “Agenda 55”
Azimut 55 “Be Happy”
Bali 5.4 “Namaste of Bali”
Beneteau Oceanis 54 “Spring Song”
Leopard 53 “Good Vibes”
Galeon 500 “Champ Atlantis”
Lagoon 52 F ” Emerald Gemini”
Lagoon 52 F “Serenity”
Lagoon 51 “Lavina”
Lagoon 50 “Katka”
Lagoon 50 “Adriatic Leopard”
Lagoon 46 “Felix”
Lagoon 46 “Tatry”
Lagoon 450 F “Adriatic Cheetah”
Lagoon 450 F “Belo”
Lagoon 42 ov “Find us”

The first 10 bookings made during the Euro Championship period that use the promo code “EUROAS” will receive unlimited internet for the duration of their charter (subject to mobile network conditions and availability in Croatia).

As the most awarded charter company in Croatia, Adriatic Sailing ensures a premium experience for all sailing enthusiasts. Is your national team the new winner of Euro? Let us know 🙂