Combine sailing and diving with our catamarans

Diving experience in Croatia with Adriatic Sailing

Have you ever wanted to combine diving experience while sailing on our catamaran? Adriatic Sailing can provide you that as well! Exploring the seabed with your friends or family can turn out to be a thrill of a lifetime. Having a diving compressor as part of the yacht’s equipment; our Lagoon 77, Lagoon 620 and Lagoon 560 S2 can provide you with both luxury sailing and diving experience at ideal spots worth exploring.

This is meant for experienced divers and those who possess a licence. In case you don’t have a licence yet, we can arrange a private course on one of the islands that you will explore on your sailing trip.

Likewise, you can get a diving licence after the course. So, why not to dive into the crystal-clear sea? Our Adriatic Sailing team is here for you – get in touch with us right away and expand your underwater horizons.

This is where the diving happens; multiple amazing spots around islands in Croatia. 

Diving compressor as a part of catamaran equipment on: Lagoon 77, Lagoon 620 “OPAL” and Lagoon 560.

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