What does charter price include?

The price in our official price list includes: seven days aboard a yacht, information and specifications are provided upon booking. All yachts are equipped with air conditioning, generator, autopilot, GPS & charter plotter, tridata and wind speed indicator, electric windlass, VHF station, heating system, 220V shore power supply and battery charger, radio and MP3 or CD player, speakers in saloon and cockpit, warm water supply in the heads and galley, dinghy and outboard engine, bimini top and spray hood.

Detailed specification for each yacht, please check to www.adriatic-sailing.hr FLEET.

Are the technical support and help included?

Before confirming the reservation for a bareboat charter clients are required to send us a copy of their skipper certificate, which should also include their VHF operator’s license, as proof of their ability to operate the vessel.

During check-in at reception our staff will give the yacht documents (with technical support number that can be reached 24/7) to the skipper.

We have a power boat for rapid intervention in the archipelagos of Šibenik, Split & Makarska area.

How to decide on a yacht size?

You would like to book a yacht, but unsure what would be correct size of the yacht for your holiday? Here are a few questions that can help you to find your ideal yacht:

* how many persons will be on board ?

* would you mind if some of you have to use a berth(s) in the saloon, which is usually common living space on a boat?

* would you like an owner version of the yacht, where one cabin is a master cabin? This is perfect for couples or a family vacation.

* if you are not experienced skipper or you don’t have a skipper license, you should take professional skipper on board. In case a yacht does not have a separate skipper cabin, you should give up one cabin to the skipper. The same applies for hostess/cook, if requested.

*Yacht size is given in feet; 1 foot = 30,48 centimeters. The price of mooring fee depends of the yacht size, bigger yacht has higher fee, exception are catamarans where berth price depends on the size and beam of the yacht. So, would you like a smaller yacht? Would you like to book monohull or a catamaran charter?

Are outboard engine and dinghy included?

Outboard engine and dinghy are included in comfort package price which is obligatory payment for sailing yachts and catamarans up to 54’.  For catamarans over 54’ outboard engine and dinghy are included in the yacht price. We have different type/power of outboard engines and type/size of dinghy for each yacht. For detailed information please contact us or check inventory lists on our web site.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Pets are welcome on our yachts. The extra fee for a pet on board is 100 EUR, payable at check-in.

*subject to our approval in advance.

What is included in the Comfort Package?

Comfort package is obligatory payment for sailing yachts and catamarans from 42′ – 59′, payable in advance or upon arrival in the base with cash or by credit card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard)

  • bareboat sailing yachts – 290 EUR per booking
    (Includes Dinghy, Outboard engine with full fuel tank, fuel for outboard engine, final cleaning, bedsheets & towels, kitchen gas, coffee machine + 10 capsules, Wi-Fi (75 GB/week while sailing in Croatian waters), tax)
  • catamarans from 42 ft up to 46 ft340 EUR per booking
    (Includes Dinghy, Outboard engine with full fuel tank, final cleaning, bedsheets & towels, beach towels, kitchen gas, ice maker, coffee machine + 10 capsules, Wi-Fi (75 GB/week while sailing in Croatian waters), tax)
  • catamarans from 48 up to 56 ft & Jeanneau 64 OV 480 EUR per booking
    (Includes final cleaning, welcome package, Wi-Fi (75 GB/week while sailing in Croatian waters), dinghy, Outboard engine with full fuel tank, bedsheets & towels, beach towels, snorkelling gear, coffee machine + 10 capsules, ice maker, cooking gas, tax)

What licence/documents do I need to skipper a Yacht?

For operating bareboat boats and yachts under Croatian flag skipper should have valid skipper’s license approved by Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, please check the following link -> https://mmpi.gov.hr/UserDocsImages/dokumenti/MORE/More%209_19/TABLICA_HR_rujan2019%2017-9_19.pdf

VHF radio license is mandatory as well.

If your license is not on the list please contact your ministry or authority in charge of issuing certificates and ask them to contact Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure at info@mppi.hr to start the process of skipper’s license recognition.

We suggest to send us copies of skipper’s and VHF radio license for checking before you book the yacht.

Can I book a professional Skipper?

If you have decided to hire a professional skipper here are some helpful information:

Most of the skippers are fluent in English. Contact us in case you would like to book a skipper that is fluent in some other language.

The price for a skipper is 220 eur/day + meals for him.

In case the yacht does not have a separate skipper cabin you should give up one cabin to the skipper.

Skipper is responsible for the yacht and your safety during cruising.

Upon embarkation you will have a briefing with skipper regarding equipment on the yacht, route and other important information before your sailing trip.
The beauty of spending your holiday aboard is that itinerary isn’t fixed, so you can spend each night in different port, bay or island. Yacht charter is a true freedom!

Can I book a Chef or a Hostess?

  • Hire a hostess for 185 eur/day + meals for her.

She will help to maintain the boat, keep the cabins tidy, do the shopping, and prepare 2 meals per day (delicious breakfast and light lunch or dinner).

  • Hire a chef for 220 eur/day + meals for him

Chef will skilfully prepare 3 meals per day which are tailor-made to your preferences.

Can I rent some watertoys?

Of course. Some yachts already have water toys included in the price and you are welcome to rent additional ones*.

Enrich your sailing experience – take a look at our offer and prices here: https://www.adriatic-sailing.hr/Downloads/cjenik-extras-2022.pdf

*availability on request

What is the average temperature of the Adriatic sea?

Sea temperature during summer in Croatia is around 24°C/75.2°F (and higher).

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (36 degrees or more) during the day.

What are the average prices for berths in marinas in Croatia?

There are approximately 40 marinas in Croatia, 22 of them are members of the Adriatic Croatia International Club

Please check the prices of each marina on their website.

Can we sail to Italy?

This option is possible to be contracted and needs to be approved upon booking request.

What is Croatian tourist tax?

The Croatian tourist tax is official tax that must be paid by each visitor during holiday in Croatia. It is a one-time payment of 10 Kunas /person/day (approximately 1.35 EUR/person/day) and should be paid on spot in cash or with credit card.

Children under 12 years old and persons with disabilities are exempt from paying the tourist tax.

What is weather like in Croatia?

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate with mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During the months of July and August it can be very hot (38 degrees or more). June and September are best months if you prefer to avoid excessive heat, and on the Dalmatian Coast May and October as well. More on the weather in Croatia can be found at www.meteo.hr and weather forecast for the Adriatic.

Croatian winds can be characterized as being light to moderate from September to June with occasional storms, while July and August are generally calm with more frequent storms. During periods of high pressure, the Adriatic displays the classic rhythms of winds from the sea during the day and winds from land during the night.

The bora (bura) and sirocco (siroko) are the most characteristic winds of the Adriatic and are largely responsible for weather patterns. They mainly blow from October to April. The maestral, blowing from the sea, and the burin, blowing from the mainland, are most common in the summer months. Croatian winds 

Weather reports are broadcast on these channels at the following times (UTC):

Rijeka Radio VHF (channel 24):
0535, 1435, 1935

Split Radio VHF (channels 07, 21, 23, 28):
0545, 1245, 1945

Dubrovnik Radio VHF (channels 04, 07):
0625, 1320, 2120

Can we sail to Montenegro?

If you feel like the Adriatic coast is not enough for you and your crew to enjoy and you would like to visit more, you can send us a request in case you would like to sail to Montenegro. This option is possible to be contracted and needs to be approved upon booking request.

Can we sail one way to/from Split or Dubrovnik?

If you would like to start in one port and finish in another, we have the solution for you.
You can choose from two starting or ending ports: Marina Kaštela/Split and ACI Marina Dubrovnik/Dubrovnik. Extra fees for one way options are as follows:

480 EUR for monohulls

580 EUR for catamarans up to 48’ & Jeanneau 64 OV

780 EUR for catamarans from 50’-56’

1.200 EUR for catamarans from 60’ up to 77′

+ mooring fees are obligatory in ACI Marina Dubrovnik


Contact us by email on charter@adriatic-sailing.hr and get detailed offers for one-way charter.

Can we choose the deposit insurance (damage waiver)?

If you are not participating in any regattas you can choose deposit insurance instead of classic security deposit.

The cost of the deposit insurance depends on the yacht’s size, varying between 270 EUR and 315 EUR for the non-refundable amount which shall be paid solely online, by credit card.
The refundable amount is 100 EUR, (payable by card or left in cash) which is released/returned if there are no damages made to the yacht & its equipment.

This insurance covers everything except blocked toilets, missing fuel and delayed return of the yacht to the marina.

Please note that deposit insurance is not possible in case of regatta.

What is APA on crewed catamarans?

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance.
It is intended to cover the operating expenses such as fuel, food, drinks, port and mooring charges, communications, extras and Client’s particular request for services, itinerary, etc.
During the charter, the Captain will account for all expenses and will present the Charterer with a detailed statement. Any unused APA monies will immediately be refunded to the Charterer and, conversely, any shortfall will be payable by the Charterer to the Captain.

What is the preference list?

Several weeks before you board your yacht, we will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire (Preference list) describing the preferences and special needs of all the members of your party, such as dietary or medical requirements, details of any allergies, and your sporting or entertainment requests. This will enable Adriatic Sailing and the crew of your chosen crewed yacht to ensure that everything possible is done to make your charter a fabulous experience.

What is included in the charter price of Lagoon 77, Lagoon 620 and Bali 5.4?

The price for renting Lagoon 77 includes:

  • service of 4 professional crew members (Captain, Chef, Stewardess & Deck-hand)
  • daily preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • water toys & equipment: fishing gear, floating mats, towing ring, tender: Highfield OM Deluxe 500 with 100 hp Honda motor, wakeboard, snorkelling gear, water-skis, water tube, 2 x Stand-up paddle boards, 1 Seabob F5 Lumex
    • GoPro 6 black, action camera, diving compressor
  • karaoke & disco ball set
  • final cleaning, bedding, towels, beach towels & toiletry
  • WI-FI
  • the Finest coffee types, selection of the best Croatian local products, kitchen and cleaning supplies
  • 1 Incoming and 1 outgoing transfer within 30 km from / to yacht home port (7 pax luxury van)
  • 13% VAT

The price for renting Lagoon 620 includes:

  • service of 3 professional crew members (Captain, Chef & Stewardess)
  • daily preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • water toys & equipment: fishing gear, towing ring, floating mats, tender: HIGHFIELD 460 & Honda 60 HP, snorkelling gear, water-skis, water tube, 2 x Stand-up paddle boards
    • final cleaning, bedding, towels, beach towels & toiletry
    • WI-FI
    • the Finest coffee types, selection of the best Croatian local products, kitchen and cleaning supplies
    • 13% VAT

The price for renting Bali 5.4. includes:

  • service of 2 professional crew members (Captain & Stewardess)
  • daily preparation of 2 meals: breakfast and SIMPLE lunch OR dinner
    • WI-FI
    • Coffee machine
    • water toys & equipment: rib (3.80 m) with 25 HP motor, 2 x Stand Up Paddle boards, snorkelling equipment, floating mats
    • 13% VAT

Please note: Adriatic Sailing wants their clients to experience the highest possible comfort and luxury experience therefore we highly recommend for groups of 8 and more to order cook service together with hostess and captain during holidays on board in Croatia (please note that in this case one guest cabin should be given to cook)

Do we get bed linen & towels?

Yes, you get bed linen and towel set per person. When chartering two or more weeks, you get double sets of bed linen and towels, if requested, free of charge. We can offer beach towes for price of 5 EUR / piece / week, available upon request.

Where is Marina Kastela located?

Adriatic Sailing base is situated in Marina Kaštela, 20 km north of the center of Split, and 7 km south from the Split airport. The airport is served by many international airlines. Within minutes of leaving the airport, you are in the middle of the Adriatic coast, boarding the yacht of your choice.

If  you are arriving  by car, please use highway A1, called  DALMATINA, which will lead you to us. There are two exits from the highway: PRGOMET or DUGOPOLJE and from there you need 20 minutes, or approximately 20 km to our base in Marina Kastela.

ADDRESS FOR YOUR GPS DEVICE: 43°32’07” N   16°24’04” E




Obala kralja Tomislava  10

What you need to know about Croatia?

We are located in the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Croatia became a member of the European Union in 2013. It is a country of 1,185 islands, islets and reefs, mostly uninhabited and preserved, perfect for sailing holidays. Some of the best-known resort towns along the Dalmatian coast are Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Poreč and Trogir. All of them are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Over the past few years, Croatia has become more interesting to tourists and sailors worldwide, mostly due to more than 1000 islands and islets which make this area an ideal sailing destination with all its cultural and natural diversity – UNESCO-protected sites such as Dubrovnik, Trogir or Split, the Renaissance architecture of Hvar or Korcula, typical unspoiled Dalmatian villages on islands Vis or Brac, natural park on Mljet island…these sites make only few highlights on your sailing itinerary.

Ideal position on the east coast of the Adriatic makes Croatia a country easy to reach by boat, plane, train or car (within driving distance from most European countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany or France). Come and sail with us!


The official currency in Croatia is the kuna [HRK]**.

Foreign currencies can be exchanged in exchange offices, banks, post offices, most marinas, tourist agencies and hotels.
Check for the official exchange rate: www.hnb.hr

All major credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Diners) are accepted in shops and most restaurants.

** Story of KUNA (English: Marten) :  In early times, marten skin were used as unit of trade. In 1256, marten was shown for the first time on a Croatian coin.

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