Green Sail Regatta

Sail in October; Adriatic Sailing is participating in Green Sail Regatta 2019

Green Sail? Their movement leads sustainable initiatives and promotes recycling, education and engagment to travellers, businesses and locals interested in preventing sea and coastal area pollution.

So, what is a Green Sail Regatta? A unique and entirely ecological regatta which is scheduled to be held on Monday, the 14th of October. The Regatta will start in Split and end in Milna (Brač), followed by an underwater and beach clean-up.  After regatta and clean-up, the following program will continue at restauran Navigare, ACI Milna. We at Adriatic Sailing are aware of the global pollution problem, as well as global warming. A small step in everyday life, like reduce of the plastic cups or bags, refuse the straw or related usage can improve the program of Green Sail initiative. Adriatic Sailing is proud to announce that the whole team will be participating in the regatta, with two of our More 55 Performance Sailing yachts. The Regatta is exclusive to Green Sail partners only.

Participants are not allowed to use motor during the regatta.
A Green Sail flag must be present on all participating sailing boats.
No single-use plastic cups or bottles are allowed on participating vessels.
All waste produced will be taken back to the mainland.


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