Kornati Islands

Kornati – Croatia / Shutterstock

The Kornati islands are the largest archipelago in the Adriatic, composed of 140 islands and islets spread over an area of 114 square miles (300 square km). They are located in Dalmatia, just near the coast of Zadar and impress us as the densest group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea!

With its natural beauty, and crystal-clear blue sea, it’s easy to recognize why this part of Croatia has been selected as a National park.

“On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.“ (George Bernard Shaw)

Since 1980, they have been under the protection of the Kornati National Park, and accordingly, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, romantic bays, amazing hiking trails and an incredible underwater world, a temptation for swimmers and snorkelers, await you on a Kornati Tour.

One big part of the islands- 89 of them are part of Kornati National Park. Not only do the islands belong to the protected area, but also the sea area and the ecosystem.

To the north of the National Park Kornati is Telašćica Nature Park. That’s where you’ll find the steepest white cliffs diving into the Adriatic Sea, and one of the deepest and safest bays on the Adriatic.

If you would like to visit the National Park, there is a fee that needs to be paid. Also, while visiting  the National Park with your sailing boat- don’t forget to buy your ticket.

Amazing views and things you should not miss in the Kornati archipelago


We can tell that this part of Croatia is the PARADISE for sailors. Everything you can wish for, from the amazing locations, supreme moor and dock places for swimming and other sea activities. One thing you will never forget is the remarkable views from the sea!

The most perfect way to experience the Kornati archipelago and the National Park is probably on a sailing boat/ catamaran. We will always do our best to suit the offer towards your request. Here you can find our fleet.

You will find around 16 well-marked locations where you can moor in the National Park. Here you can also find the map:

Make sure you take the ticket it as it is one of the very special experiences you might have in Croatia!


Some of the geological events from the history of this land are clearly visible in the well-known Kornati “crowns”.

If you are wondering which crown is the highest one- then you must visit the National Park on Klobučar island. The impressively 82 meters above sea level are an amazing view spot. The longest cliff on Kornati is on Mana Island, where 1350 meters of the 4.5 km of total coastline is one remarkable wall. The sides of the island facing the open sea have been sculpted by the waves for millennia. However, they serve as proof of seismic activity of this area, as the archipelago rose when the two tectonic plates collided.

The Kornatis are not only special for their beauty, but there are also particular life forms that inhabit them. So watch out for a peregrine falcon flying over your head. Climbing the cliffs is strictly prohibited, so please don’t do it.


To explore the underwater part of this amazing archipelago You need to have a permit and be accompanied by a licensed diving center.

The sea around the archipelago is usually crystal clear and remarkably transparent. That’s why the light penetrates deep under the surface, so in addition to the amazing walls, there’s so much life to see underwater.

The corals are almost everywhere, it is one of the largest coralliferous habitats in Croatia. Many types of fish live near such walls, as they provide both shelter and food for the fish. There are several outstanding diving locations in the national park. However, keep in mind: you shouldn’t scuba-dive on your own within the park!

OTHER AMAZING VIEWS – Levrnaka Island & Lojena Beach

Otok Levrnaka is one of the most beautiful ones of the Kornati islands and you should not miss it. The popular attraction is Lojena beach, which is located on the other side of the island from the boat landing. This dream beach is a white pebble beach, but in the sea, it turns into a fine white sandy beach. The water here is turquoise blue, and you can have the most amazing experience.

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