Since it is brand new and just got out from the shipbuilding in Bordeaux in France, our Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion needed a transport all the way long to our charter base in Kaštel Gomilica, Split Croatia. That task is not doable via great trucks or in any way via road. So, led by the experienced skippers like Zorislav Vuković, Boris Vrhovac and Frano Domitrović a journey that lasted whole 33 days has ended and the Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion finally got home to our charter base in Kaštela! As we already wrote on the previous articles, (view the first here, and the second one here) the trip was not that pleasant due to a heavy weather on the Atlantic Sea, which prolonged a way back a bit more. Perhaps it was even better that way – the Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion proved her stable performance even in heavy seas.

Here is a short statement from Zorislav Vuković, the captain:

We came to the CNB shipbuilding factory on 21.03.2018., and spent a few days with the technicians checking every detail on the Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion, while still waiting a yacht to be finished. A weather got worse in the next days and the waves reached the height of up to 12m in the Bay of Biscay. Since the weather conditions didn’t let us set sail, we spent a time on yacht for detailed preparation and supply with some outdoor activities, such as visiting the famous “La cite du Din”, the City of wine. Afterwards, we began our journey and the first 200 miles are rolled back. The next two weeks a weather was not in favour of us so we sailed in the stages of 100 and 200 miles, sometimes less. Around south of Portugal, we got better weather conditions and sailed with a very few stops, perhaps only for taking the fuel all the way to Croatia. The dolphins, which we saw a lot of times, brought a smile on our face and made our journey joyful. Sometimes it looked like they track us. Among dolphins, we saw a numerous of medusas and turtles, and once we even saw a whales.

Boris Vrhovac, the captain, also stated:

The Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion proved his outstanding performances, even in bad weather conditions. A very seaworthy yacht. Being on board really feels like entering the lux boutique hotel!

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Bordeaux, France - Kaštela, Split Croatia




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