In pursuit for more immersive experience

Luxury travel is being “redefined” as holidaymakers are looking for a more “immersive” experience.  As the world becomes an increasingly bewildering place to be, perhaps it’s no surprise that travel is fast becoming a pursuit of peace, privacy, little noise, with few and carefully selected stimulus. And that is what luxury yacht charter represents; a holiday that is unparalleled in service and adventure.  We put flawless hospitality and valuable family time at the core of your luxury holiday. And that makes a difference.

Experience elegant yachting aboard


It’s time that you can spend by yourself, with your family, and with the company of like-minded guests as you sail to some of the most memorable places in the Mediterranean/Croatia.  You will feel right at home the moment you come aboard one of you crewed vessels.

There are myriad of water-based activities at hand to lure you off your sun-lounger on board – snorkeling, diving, kayaking, stand up paddling, water tubing, water skiing, exploring the sea with scuba scooter but also floating mat to take a break and relax.

  • Exclusivity

    It’s about the access you can get = priceless feeling of being truly part of something.

  • Bespokeness

    Island-speckled coastline at your hand, no matter in which direction you are sailing. Enjoy crystal clear waters off your private floating hotel!

  • Unique environment

    Your yacht is Your door to over than 1000 Croatian islands. Where to go? Do not worry as we will create a custom-made sailing route for You. Because you may want to have fewer options, but good ones.

“Give me the winning lotto ticket, so I can afford to stay on board longer! ” said  our happy guests after spending the week aboard s/y ARCTIC QUEEN

YOU ARE INVITED TO once-in-a-lifetime-experience : COME ABOARD!

Available weeks:
AUGUST 26 - SEPTEMBER 2 aboard Lagoon 560 "Arctic Queen"

Reserve your VIP holiday with LAST MINUTE discount , apply code “AQ 2017-BLOG”.

SEPTEMBER 9-16 aboard Lagoon 560 "Arctic Queen"

September to remember; reserve your VIP holiday on this beauty, start your holidays in Dubrovnik and enjoy still ideal weather. Apply code “AQ 2017-BLOG”.

SEPTEMBER 16-23 aboard Lagoon 560 "Arctic Queen"

September to remember; reserve your VIP holiday on this beauty and enjoy still ideal weather. Apply code “AQ 2017-BLOG”.