All you need is love & sailing

Find your perfect match in February & sail from March-November

February. Some people find it dull, while others find joy in the fact that it is the year’s shortest month. However, one day in the middle of February makes it extremely popular among the ones who are in love – Valentine’s day. While some already know or reflect in advance what kind of gift they would like to give to their beloved one, others wait last minute and frantically rush to the shops to find that perfect gift. Sometimes good timing is not enough, the crucial point is THAT brilliant idea, and in most of the cases, lack of brilliant idea is what concerns the most.

This Valentine’s Day, why not get a little more creative than your usual? How about giving a gift to your beloved one – a gift that mostly implies adventure, new experience, joy, intimacy, happiness;  evokes many other positive feelings – for both of you? Well, sailing holiday has it all! Free your mind & plan ahead and sail away stress-free.

Do something unexpected and new like:

 sail out of the harbor and, on the whim of the moment choosing to go left or right, create an unplanned voyage. If you don’t get where you thought you were going, don’t worry: you weren’t meant to get there. It is the unexpected that makes the sailing sweeter.

Discover places you never knew before;

be it a new island,  marina,  restaurant, bay, beach…There is always something new to discover & explore.  Adriatic coast is best enjoyed slowly but discover it on your own pace.

Surprise your beloved one. But also surprise – yourself:

Arrange honeymoon trip you’ve never had or make it special like you once imagined it to be.  Because it is never late for making memories.

Make a  customized sailing log book/diary, include your itinerary & photos  and make sure the memories never vanish.

Sailing holiday can be whatever you want it to be.  Have a look at some highlights we’ve picked out for you:

Lock your love with a padlock and attach it to the most popular fence – Boninovo fence

Boninovo, about a kilometre outside of Dubrovnik Old Town, sits 35 m above the Adriatic coast. It might be considered morbid – but it has been famous for people committing suicide by throwing themselves over the edge. Today the most famous fence in Dubrovnik is populated by a myriad array of padlocks. In the month of love – February 2012 padlocks began appearing locked to the wire fence by lovers as a mark of affection for each other; their eternal love sealed by throwing the keys into the sea. Padlocks had been written-on or scratched or engraved with the names or initials of people and usually a date.

One way charter from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) might be a great choice if you want to visit this popular tourist attraction and enjoy the spectacular view. Not to mention you will also have the opportunity to see the several sites in the Old city where Game of Thrones was filmed. But that is not all – Dubrovnik was one of the filming locations for Star Wars: Episode VIII. And novelty is that Dubrovnik will be the heart of the newest Robin Hood movie! Which one is your favorite?? Hm, maybe a romantic “movie” aboard a yacht  🙂 champagne & chocolate are on us 🙂

And finally, a question for you: will you add to the love lock collection in Boninovo? 🙂

Pick your Valentine! To  find our more about our  one way offers contact Ana & Adriana!

Become sea lover and spread love everywhere you sail! 🙂


MAKE MEMORIES  with that special someone – because sailing was made to share.

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    What  we all want in life, to travel, fall in LOVE & BE HAPPY.