Yacht management

Buying a yacht gives you the chance to own the ultimate private escape, ready for you to step onboard at any time.

We can offer yachts in every style and size, different designers and shipyards. Make your own heaven.

Our Charter Management

Can you imagine sailing more often in Croatian waters but not having costs for  holidays and having a return on your investment? The Adriatic Sailing Yacht Investment Program offers the perfect combination of a smooth and verified business investment and pure holiday pleasure.

Regardless of which Adriatic Sailing Yacht Investment Program you choose, you will retain the right to charter your yacht for a number of weeks each year without costs, plus having an unlimited number of “last minute booking” weeks.

Did we intrigue you?

Then please check our investment program for more information and contact us to learn how to become a yacht owner in Croatia.


We offer a verified charter management program for anyone interested in a safe investment and in sailing their own yacht.

During its many successful year in this business, Adriatic Sailing has succesfully managed many yachts for charter. We have yacht owners who have reinvested in new yachts with us also after being happy with our cooperation. Investing in a yacht is a safe and hassle-free business that combines great business and the opportunity for personal enjoyment.

We have a verified know how that in cooperation with your interest and investment can build up to a partnership that will lead you to have carefree holidays and your own yacht!

Adriatic Sailing is the only charter company on Adriatic coast that has been elected 5 years in a row as top three charter company culminating with the prize for the best Croatian charter company in season 2019!

  • Is this for me?

    When considering becoming a yacht owner, the first thing to do is to identify your perfect sailing area. Croatia has become one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world and it has proven to be a country that can offer a stable return on your investment.

  • Why Adriatic Sailing

    Adriatic Sailing has chosen the best yachts available for chartering in terms of performance, price and attractiveness as a charter. We will offer you the perfect yacht directly from the best shipyards based on your preferences and lifestyle.

  • Benefits

    Becoming the yacht owner in our fleet will provide you carefree sailing holidays for a number of weeks a year on your own yacht, with no maintenance costs, no maintenance down time, and with guaranteed revenue of up to 7% of the total investment per year.

  • Security

    Adriatic Sailing provides an investor with a full and transparent review of the yacht’s technical and financial performance. This information is available via our real time, on-line web applications.






Four years in the row, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Croatian National Tourism Board awarded Adriatic Sailing among three best yacht charter companies in Croatia. In October 2018 we were rewarded again, 2nd place in a category for the best charter company in Croatia. (View the article). In the year 2019 – we won the First place, as the best charter company in Croatia. (View the article)

Adriatic Sailing is the only charter company on Adriatic coast that has been elected 5 years in a row as top three charter company culminating with the prize for the best Croatian charter company in season 2019!

Charter Management

Adriatic Sailing offers a charter management program for anyone interested in purchasing and sailing their own yacht. The Investor or Future Owner Programs are for those who do not want to be burdened with yacht maintenance, booking, or other similar obligations. The Owner Program is designed for people or companies that already have a yacht.

It doesn’t matter which program you choose. Our charter management program includes the following services by Adriatic Sailing:

    • Registering and fully maintaining the yacht in accordance with legal regulations on yacht charter activities;
    • Preparing and equipping the yacht according to the Croatian maritime code and other laws and regulations;
    • Providing an annual berth in the marina, providing or assisting in providing full cover insurance;
    • Carrying out all maintenance and service;
    • Worldwide marketing of the owner’s yacht with the support of an extensive network of yacht charter agencies;
    • Receiving guests and conducting check-in/check-out procedures at our base at the Marina Kaštela;
    • Technical support for the yacht and its crew during charter periods.

Adriatic sailing provides an investor/owner with full information on a yacht’s technical, revenue, and financial performance. This information is available through on-line applications:

    • Booking Manager, on-line application on bookings and their related financial results; and,
    • Adriatic Sailing’s own web application, where all information on technical activities carried out on the yacht are fully recorded.

Charter management with us is very simple.

Our Quality and Support

Charter management is the sum of activities that include yacht maintenance, booking agency listings, the legal aspects of yacht ownership, and finally chartering a yacht. ADRIATIC SAILING is on top all of these tasks. Yacht maintenance and the quality of our standard yacht equipment is something that we are very proud of.

A high level of maintenance is our standard. We will treat yachts with respect to ensure the satisfaction of all of our guests. Our staff averages 5-10 years of experience working on yachts and there is no boat for which they do not have maintenance experience.

The outstanding customer service that we provide and our friendly staff are the reasons for our high booking results. The average booking for our yachts is 22 weeks per year, which provides a nice annual revenue stream for our yacht owners. When you combine this income with the sailing perks, you get a very satisfied YACHT OWNER.

Join a family of satisfied Adriatic Sailing yacht owners

Listen to what they have to say:

Investing in El Tabasco has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The process from configuring the yacht to its delivery has been fun and has run smoothly.

There has been good balance between my personal desires and good advice all along the way. I chose ADRIATIC SAILING mostly because of my experience as long-time happy customer.

Customer care and yacht maintenance are its top priority and I wanted my investment to be carefully managed and well looked after. But my biggest goal for investing has also been met: lots and lots of sailing in lovely Croatia.

from C.B., from Sweden

Dear Zlatko,

2020 was the first season we worked together – and it was not an easy one, for most of us.

2 years ago I took already the decision not to invest in a boat again but then the Croatian Islands and you, representing Adriatic Sailing made me taking the risk again. Since then there was not a single second to regret the decision.

I did not have firm plans to sail Leopard myself but then I turned out that we could spend 4 weeks on it – as it was free – and it was great.


Of course there are always things that we all can do better and we should never give up aiming for improvements, but I really enjoy spending time in Kastela and working and talking with you and your team. We always feel welcome by the team – like being part of the “family”  – even during this difficult season. Staring from the legal steps with you in Zagreb last November until End of October where we had a final great weekend.


We had 2 excellent skippers – Josip more on the “funny explorer side” and Jure more on the “tougher, let’s better watch out side” – I learnt from both and we had 2 great weeks – and Leopard was always well maintained and always clean and available – even on short notice.

from W.N, from AustriaLagoon 50 "ADRIATIC LEOPARD"