Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2020 & Adriatic Sailing

Gorgeous day, fair wind, wide spectre of sailing (racing) yachts, happy crew(s), amazing host and an exciting regatta. In a nutshell, that would be the perfectly desribed yesterday’s Martinis Marchi Sailing Challenge 2020. Adriatic Sailing yacht charter accepted the challenge and sailed from our homeport Marina Kaštela to Maslinica, Šolta, where the regatta was held. Once we arrived, it was a perfect time for ‘saying hello’ to our friends and colleagues with a cup of coffee. At excatly 13 pm the regatta started and lasted for about 2 hours, where the competitors sailed around islets and rocks right next to Maslinica, Šolta. Our racing ‘machine’ was More 55 and we were more than satisfied with her, since we achieved 2nd place. Afterwards, it was a lunch time and the winners announcments ceremony, as well as live music and a charter party.

We would like to thank our host Martinis Marchi for such a lovely event and a great atmosphere. Likewise, we would like to congratulate to the winners of the regatta as well as to all other crews from Adriatic Sailing team.