Important notification from Croatian chamber of commerce


following last days there is increasing communication regarding coronavirus (covid-19), and we would like to inform you further.

In Croatia there are no restrictions due situation with Coronavirus. We honestly believe that there is no reason for fear, as situation is truly under control and on our location there was not even a single coronavirus patient.

Your nautical holidays are actually one of the safest ways to spend your holidays, as you have your beloved ones safe around you in your own chartered private yacht and secluded location where you do not share it with other clients or guests. Beautiful turquoise seas, secluded bays, your own yachts to use in combination with fresh air and sun will truly make you healthier.

In attachment we are sending you an official notification from Croatian chamber of commerce.

As we also understand questions and concern that might raise, we offer our clients secure bookings in the case of any unpredictable situation.

For all bookings made in March 2020 we would like to offer possibility of free cancellation within 15 days after booking is confirmed, without any additional costs, except bank costs. In this way clients will insure on board holidays on the time. For now we decrease obligatory advance payments from 50% to 30%.

We deeply believe this situation will calm down within few weeks and all our clients will enjoy beautiful and healthy summer holidays in Croatia!

 For any additional information we stand on your disposal.

Kind regards