Experience the Thrill of Peak Season!

Are you ready to escape the stress of everyday life and set sail on a well-deserved vacation?

If you’ve chosen Croatia as your destination, then it’s time to set your dates and get ready for a Mediterranean adventure. The Croatian coast is renowned for its stunning scenery, crystal-clear waters, and idyllic islands, making it the perfect place for a sailing holiday.

With the warm summer sun, gentle sea breezes, and enchanting aromas of the Mediterranean, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed in no time.

So, grab your bags, invite your friends, and book a yacht holiday that suits your style and budget!

Why Croatia?

Croatia is a breathtaking country located in the heart of Europe, boasting an abundance of natural beauty, ancient architecture, and a rich cultural heritage. One of the best ways to experience Croatia’s beauty is by sailing along its stunning coastline. The crystal-clear waters, hidden bays, and rugged cliffs are something you do not want to miss. Sailing along Croatia’s magnificent coastline is one of the best ways to experience its charm, with hidden bays, rugged cliffs, and stunning beaches to explore.

While the sailing season runs from May to October, August is undoubtedly the best time to visit for sailing enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why August is the perfect time to experience the thrill of sailing in Croatia and what attractions you can enjoy during this peak season.

August for the Perfect Sailing Conditions

August is known for its perfect sailing conditions in Croatia. The weather is consistently warm and sunny, with low chances of rain, providing clear blue skies and stunning views of the coastline.

The winds are moderate, making it easy to navigate your boat and enjoy a smooth sailing experience. Additionally, the crowds are at their peak during August, and you’ll find plenty of other sailors on the water, creating a lively atmosphere.

The winds in August

August is a prime month for sailing in Croatia, and one of the key factors that make it ideal for this activity is the wind. When it comes to sailing in Croatia, the most common wind in August is the Maestral.

The Maestral wind is a refreshing and cooling northwestern wind that blows along the Adriatic coast during the summer months. This wind is a result of the interaction between the high-pressure systems over Central Europe and the low-pressure systems over the Adriatic Sea.

In August, the Maestral wind typically blows from mid-morning to late afternoon, peaking in the early afternoon. It is a moderate wind, with speeds ranging from 8 to 20 knots, making it perfect for sailing.

Sailors in Croatia appreciate the Maestral wind because of its cooling effect, which provides a refreshing break from the hot summer sun. It also makes for enjoyable and steady sailing conditions, allowing sailors to smoothly navigate through the waters and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What to See on the Islands?

Croatia’s islands are a sailor’s paradise, with diverse landscapes and numerous hidden gems waiting to be explored. Here are some of the top islands to visit and attractions to see during August:

Hvar: as the “sunniest island in Croatia,” Hvar is a popular destination for yachting and sailing enthusiasts. With its vibrant nightlife, luxury resorts, and picturesque landscapes, there’s something for everyone on this island. Be sure to visit the historic town of Hvar, where you’ll find the 16th-century Fortica Fortress and the stunning St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Korčula: Dubbed as “Little Dubrovnik,” -Located in the southern part of Croatia, Korčula is a charming island with a rich history and culture. It’s also famous for producing some of the best white wines in the country. Be sure to visit the medieval old town, which is surrounded by ancient walls and towers, and visit the birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous explorer.

Hvar island / Shutterstock

Vis: The island of Vis was a former military base and was closed off to tourists until the 1990s, making it an untouched gem. It has a rich history, natural beauty, and is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Croatia.

This island is the farthest from the mainland and it’s a true paradise for nature lovers, with stunning beaches, clear waters, and a rugged landscape. Don’t miss out on the Blue Cave, located on the nearby island of Biševo, which is a natural wonder with a spectacular blue color that can only be seen during certain times of the day.

Vis island / Shutterstock

Blue Cave: Croatia’s Blue Cave is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists, thanks to its recent appearance in the popular TV series “Game of Thrones.” Located on the island of Biševo, the Blue Cave is a natural wonder that is a must-see for any traveler visiting Croatia.

The best time to visit the Blue Cave is from mid-June to early September when the weather is warm and the sea is calm. During this time, you can witness the stunning hues of blue that change throughout the day, from a pale shade to a deep, glowing blue. For the best viewing experience, it’s recommended to visit during midday when the sunlight is at its brightest.

Even on cloudy days, a visit to the Blue Cave is still worth it. The natural light reflecting off the limestone walls creates a magical atmosphere that is sure to leave you in awe

Brač: Known for its white stone, Brač is home to Croatia’s most photographed beach, Zlatni Rat. The island is also famous for its olive groves and vineyards, producing high-quality olive oil and wine. Be sure to visit the historic town of Bol, which has a charming harbor and an impressive Dominican Monastery.

If you’re a fan of water sports, then Bol on the island of Brač in Croatia is the place to be. It’s the most popular destination for kitesurfing in Croatia, but it’s also a great spot for windsurfing, paddleboarding, and other water activities. You can check our offer for all our water toys.

Brač island / Shutterstock

Mljet: Mljet is a national park and a perfect destination for nature lovers. It has two saltwater lakes surrounded by lush greenery and ancient ruins, making it a peaceful and tranquil escape. The sea around Mjlet is rich in marine life with plenty of exploring opportunities, try snorkeling in Odisej (Odysseus) Cave on the southern coast.

In addition to these islands, there are numerous other hidden gems to discover during your sailing adventure in Croatia. From the remote island of Lastovo to the secluded coves of Šolta, you’ll find endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Mljet island / Shutterstock

Savoring the Flavors of Croatia: Exploring the Delicious Cuisine During August Sailing Holidays

Croatian cuisine is a unique blend of Mediterranean and Central European flavors, with plenty of fresh seafood, grilled meats, and delicious wines to savor. During August, you can enjoy the best of Croatia’s cuisine, with plenty of restaurants and food festivals serving up local specialties. You can try the famous black risotto made with squid ink, freshly caught seafood, and the traditional Dalmatian peka, a slow-cooked meat and vegetable dish.

Luxury crewed cuisine experience

If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious way to experience the Mediterranean, then a crewed catamaran with a private chef is the perfect option. The Mediterranean is famous for its fresh and flavorful cuisine, and having a chef on board allows you to indulge in the best of what the region has to offer.

A skilled chef on a crewed catamaran can provide you with the taste of Mediterranean food right on the boat. From freshly caught seafood to locally grown fruits and vegetables, the Mediterranean offers an abundance of culinary delights that a chef can incorporate into their dishes. A chef on a crewed catamaran is an excellent way to experience the Mediterranean’s culinary scene while enjoying a luxurious and comfortable sailing vacation. So, sit back, relax, and let us take care of your sailing vacation.


August is the ideal month to explore Croatia’s islands on a sailing adventure. With perfect sailing conditions, crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and charming towns, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a fun-filled trip with friends, we have the perfect crewed catamaran to suit your needs.