Sharing a little slice of paradise with you

The importance of being in harmony with nature encompasses fresh, local, organic products. We at Adriatic Sailing place an emphasis on serving these products onboard our crewed yachts.  Working with OPG Matulić enables chefs aboard our luxury yacht to create delicious regional specialities with a freshness that is enlightened via your taste buds. The owners of the Matulić family farm, known and recognized throughout Croatia, but also in many EU countries, have become a trademark of quality based on the island’s tradition.

They continuously win international awards for their excellence in cuisine. Hence why we at Adriatic Sailing decided to partner with them, as they match our desire to serve the best. This is just another way how Adriatic Sailing emphasizes the care of our clients.

All our guests who book charters on our diamond line yachts, will be gifted with a thank-you package that includes the flavours of Croatia from OPG Matulić, so they can enjoy these world-class items at home.

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