Start sailing GREEN

You are already familiar with our company colours (red & blue) that enriches our Adriatic Sailing logo and our brand identity, but colour such as green also plays a key role. In the following article we will describe what do we mean by that and why is important to start sailing green today.

Sustainable tourism

We at Adriatic Sailing are well aware of the fact that sustainable tourism is more important than ever before.  That’s why reducing the plastic waste, environmental preservation, reusable and eco-friendly products are just some of the features embedded in our business policies for sustainable tourism. Likewise, our guests are well-informed what steps and measures are needed in order to sail ‘green’,  as we are always pushing forward the #greensail movement.

Bottles & Bags - plastic free

Adriatic Sailing: DOPPER reusable bottles & ECO-Friendly tote bags. We put accent on ecology, reusability and sustainability, which is why we equip our luxury crewed yachts with these products.

Highest Cleaning Standards At Adriatic Sailing

Your safety comes first, as always, and we take yacht cleanliness seriously. Eco-friendly cleaning products, to ensure no harm is done to the sea.

Adriatic Sailing x Green Sail

Learn more about 2019 Green Sail Sustainability Award Winner: @adriaticsailing

Our team describes the importance of sustainability, reusability and ecology in sailing and charter industry but also how we apply it during the whole season.

Safe Stay in Croatia

Adriatic Sailing has earned the “Safe stay in Croatia” recognition, which is a national designation of security protocols in tourism and hospitality that was initiated in 2021. This proves that we have implemented international standards for health and hygiene aligned with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Croatian Institute of Public Health protocols.

Moving beyond regulatory compliance, Adriatic Sailing has learned that an environmental sustainability approach brings improved efficiency, distinct competitive advantages, and smiles to their client’s faces.

OPG Matulić x Adriatic Sailing

The importance of being in harmony with nature encompasses fresh, local, organic products. We at Adriatic Sailing place an emphasis on serving these products onboard our crewed yachts.

We want you to have a CAREFREE HOLIDAY this summer! We are here for you, to deliver the unforgettable yachting experience, every time.