In case you are that person who isn’t quite sure which yacht to book – don’t worry. In this article we will give you a deeper insight on WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A CATAMARAN. We will not try to convince you, rather give you facts that might prevail when choosing which type of a vessel to book for your perfect holiday trip.


Generally speaking, catamarans provide much more stability which is a great plus in case you are about to spend your holiday with kids, knowing that little fellows won’t ‘stay in place’ during the charter period. Food and drinks roll out from a table? Definitely not on a catamaran. Passing from port to starboard can be freely done on catamarans. Sustainable design of a catamaran (constructed with 2 wide hulls) makes you feel safe and sound during the charter holiday.


Assuming that you prefer having as much as comfort as you can during your voyage – catamarans are definitely leaders here. Wide deck for taking a sunbath, separated cockpit area, private skipper cabin in the bow and a large net for a relax are just one of things to mention. Galley has much more space than any type of monohull for example, as well as the really spacious interior. As mentioned above, private skipper cabin or crew cabins in the bow, on the large catamarans are usually equipped with toilet or bathroom, so the guests’s privacy is guaranteed.

Let’s take a look on the interesting photo below:

Lagoon Seventy 7, a greatest catamaran in our fleet shows you the how spacious and wide it is, with the surface covering the area almost like a tennis court.


Due to their design and hulls, which are less immersed in the water, catamarans are usually faster about 20-30% than the monohulls of the same lenght (when going downwind). When it comes to docking and manoeuvring, catamarans powered with two engines enable captain to easily rotate a yacht at one point (single position), which is a key feature in manoeuvring the yacht in tight places, small marinas and bays.


Waking up in the secret coves and bays, starting a day with a wealthy breakfast, taking a swim or some sunbathing on the large net on the bow seems like a perfect scenery? That appears to be a normal day on the luxury catamarans with crew. Guest that rent this type of a catamaran have a feeling they are on a ‘floating hotel’, since the interior comfort of the crewed catamarans exceeds some hotel or apartment.


With the crew on board the possibilities are endless. What’s better than having your friends or family on the large bow net, chilling and enjoying the perfect sunset with some special cocktails made just for you while sailing over the Adriatic Sea? The crew is there to maximise your sailing experience, so the luxury crewed catamaran ensures carefree holidays for you and your family or friends.


Chartering a catamaran with crew on board is definitely a wonderful experience. A Captain taking care of the boat, providing safety, also plays a vital role when planning an itinerary. Perhaps you know some cool spots, or you ‘ve been to a Croatia multiple times, but the experienced captain on board is the one who knows how to make a perfect itinerary on spot. So, don’t worry, you are in a good hands! Your captain will bear in mind all perfect hidden bays, hidden coves and whole other places and spots worth visiting. Ofcourse, you will be involved into planning!

This is how it looks like most of the time. Our captain Teo (captain on Lagoon 620 “ADRIATIC TIGER”) carefully listening to our guest’s wishes and afterwards preparing in-detail itinerary, taking into consideration the weather forecast, guest’s safety, guest’s wishes and overall days on board.


While waiting some delicious meal prepared by your chef on board, it is time for some sunbathing or watersport action. Try out how you stand on SUP (Stand Up Paddle board), dive under the surface with some Seadoo scooter or show some courage and let the water skiies take you further. There are plenty of watertoys ready for rent to enhance your charter holiday experience, some of them already included on your yacht.


Sailing experience on a (luxury) catamaran with crew will definitely etch under your skin for a long time. Catamarans are wide, stable and spacious, thus if you have a crew on board your dream holiday is guaranteed. Take a closer look on our luxury catamaran fleet and find the boat that matches your needs. Explore Croatia this summer with Adriatic Sailing and be a part of our charter story.