Time for some BEFORE – AFTER gallery

As spring is slowly knocking on our doors, here is how we spent our winter times at Adriatic Sailing. Service & maintenance are the most important continuous tasks for ensuring the yachts are in good condition & shape and ready for the forthcoming season.

We are presenting you ‘behind the scenes’ gallery, what we do and how we do it, problems and challanges solved by our technician team.

Anchor reparations; BEFORE & AFTER. Quick summary: rust removal, sanding, new paint & polishing.

Quick summary: taking the yacht on dry dock, washing and sanding the hull. Application of fresh coat & polishing it up!

Quick summary: removing the window frames, sanding, painting, polishing and installing back.

Quick summary: moving to dry dock, unmounting the main mast, washing and sanding the hull. Application of fresh coat & polishing it up!

Quick summary:  making of new floorings and installation

Quick summary:  unmounting the windows and frames, removing the silicone, cleaning-sanding-polishing the windows, applying new silicone, mounting back.

Quick summary:  unmounting the main entrance, sanding the frames, replacing the locks parts, mounting windows into new frames, installing and strengthening frames.

Quick summary:  on the first photo there are scratches visible, the second photo kerrock has been restored.

Quick summary:  after stay in dry dock, a first step towards anti-fouling process is definitely cleaning from seaweed and seashells.

Quick summary:  rudder repairs; there was damage on the bottom end of the rudder. On the last photo you can see the rudder in its new condition.

Quick summary: we installed new inox rails on platform, More 55 sailing yachts.

Quick summary: we installed new USB sockets.

Quick summary: we installed new inverters.

Quick summary: installation of decorative folding hangers

Quick summary: new rubber protection around mast.

Quick summary: new upholstery, before/after.

Quick summary: new sunbathing cushins.

Quick summary: new steering wheel covers.

Our Base/Technical team

Marijan, Anton, Jadran, Petar, Andrija, Ante, Kate, Ivan, Zdenka, Julije, Jasmina, Ivan & Ivo.

This is our base/technical team, who worked diligently and thoroughly during the winter times, and sometimes even the bad weather didn’t stop them. They played a key part here, ensuring that even the smallest details catch their eye, and everything in order to get the yacht in perfect condition for our guest’s holiday charter.

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