Yacht charter. The true freedom.

You  heard  that  phrase  maybe on few  different occasions, but  do  you understand what are we trying to  convey? What is the message? Why would someone give up on the comfort of the hotel  room, an A/C, breakfast  included, half-board, full board, all inclusive, free Wi-Fi,TV set, to  sleep in a boat cabin with  sometimes limited  closet  space. I would any time!

For what, you may ask..for the most beautiful  sunsets that  you are sure not to miss  when  you are on the boat, for the freedom to  choose new beach each day, not to be limited to the one in front of your hotel, for the sight of  dolphins, for spending each night in different village or stopping for an extra night if you feel you need more time to feel the local atmosphere. One does not need a TV  set aboard the boat, you have sights passing by your own eyes one more beautiful than the other.

You booked the boat, crewed or you are already experienced skipper but first time in Croatia, you are now faced with the problem where to go, what to choose & to see in only 7 days. There is no right way, however this post might help you start on Saturday. We suggest  starting from Marina Kastela, situated  only 9 km  south from Split Airport, meaning  if you are arriving by plane, in 20 minutes from leaving the airport you are on the boat of your choice. If you are more into historical  sights, would like to walk  through the streets or squares done in Venetian times, take a selfie in front or from ancient bell tower or medieval fortress, relive “Game of Thrones” film sights, we suggest  our first SOUTHERN BOUND  sailing  route. If you prefer “plug yourself out” of the civilisation of any kind for a week, we suggest  our NOTHERN BOUND sailing  route. Today  I would like to present SOUTHERN BOUND  sailing  route

Browse more  through the DESTINATIONS we’ve picked out for you and let yourself be swept off your feet with these natural beauties. For more information on the SOUTHERN BOUND ITINERARY or tailor made sailing route  please contact us!