Flexible charter days

Book crewed & skippered yachts with flexible departure and arrival days

Different experience

Book your charter period any day of the week and seize the opportunity to tailor your journey to your preferences.

At Adriatic Sailing, we know that true luxury means having the freedom to create your own adventure. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you the flexibility to start and end your charter on the day that suits your every desire.

For more information, contact us via charter@adriatic-sailing.hr

*Valid for the following yachts:

  • CNB 76 (Bubbles & Aenea),
  • Lagoon 77 Adriatic Dragon
  • Lagoon 620 Adriatic Lion, Adriatic Tiger & Opal
  • Lagoon 560 S2 Topaz
  • Leopard 53 PC Good Vibes,
  • Lagoon 52 F Emerald Gemini & Akana
  • Azimut 55 Be Happy,
  • Galeon 500 Champ Atlantis

For more information, contact us via charter@adriatic-sailing.hr