Exclusive dealers for yachts safety nets and trampolines

We are exclusive dealers for the specialized catamaran trampoline bow nets and yacht safety nets and all other sorts of nets (even outside yacht area). 

Installation of quality bow nets become more and more important for the owners and clients who wish to upgrade the existing ones, made specifically for their model.

Various colours and various knot mesh

Please note that we have different types of colour in our offer: black , white and grey with two sizes of knotless mesh: 30 mm size and 13 mm size. Adriatic Sailing provides the highest quality on the market, originally netting built on catamarans. One of the main reason is that our 30 x 30 mm mesh weighs approximately 710g/m² compared to 450g/m² for our competitors. We offer the process of supply and installation as well as the guidance through the process specifically measured for your boat, advise you on the offer and do the installation with the warranty.

Should you have any inquiry or would like to install new safety bow net, please contact us at: basemanager@adriatic-sailing.hr